Series Preview | Expressions of a Lost Mind

The beauty of a lost mind is just simply amazing.  That moment of clarity in the abyss. The light in the darkness.  The blur of the focused.  In that state of mind everything can change.  The dirty can become clean. The world can seem to make sense for a glimmer of a moment.  The sense is precious. The world is strange and hard, but softening those lines, even if for a moment, can help to clarify the beauty and put things into perspective.  

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Outside the Gates | St. Bernard Parish, La

Outside the Gates | St. Bernard Parish, La

Outside the gates lies the endangered beauty of home.  This beauty is too often ignored or forgotten about.  


We have become so consumed with our fast paced lives, we often forget to look at the natural beauty of life that we pass by.  This has been a theme through most of my work, and this project is no different.  I was born and raised in St. Bernard Parish - well technically Chalmette.  St. Bernard is a large parish that includes several diverse areas.  I grew up in the largest, most populated area - only 8 miles from the hustle of downtown New Orleans.  Sadly, I never visited the rural parts of the parish - out of sight, out of mind mentality.  I never had a “reason” to go - didn’t work there, didn’t live there, never owned a boat, didn’t fish, and it since it is the southernmost part of the state you sure didn’t “pass through” on your way to some where else.