Series Preview | Expressions of a Lost Mind

The line between normal and lost is a fine one. The mind is an amazing creature, fickle and vicious. The senses can be awakened and shut down so quick.  But when you cross the line and become lost, it's hard to focus again. I often consider a lost mind to be in a state of depression or stress.   It's amazing how those situations can force a mind to alter its state.  

An altered state of mind has trouble focusing.  No clear direction or sense of location, purpose, or outcome.   What causes this?  How to react?  How to express the beauty?  

The beauty of a lost mind is just simply amazing.  That moment of clarity in the abyss. The light in the darkness.  The blur of the focused.  In that state of mind everything can change.  The dirty can become clean. The world can seem to make sense for a glimmer of a moment.  The sense is precious. The world is strange and hard, but softening those lines, even if for a moment, can help to clarify the beauty and put things into perspective.  

That's what I'm looking for - perspective.  A clear perspective for beauty.  Relief from the stress.  A break from the depression.  A break. A desire for clarity.  A desire for something more.  A desire to be found from a lost state of mind.  

Getting lost will help you find where you are going.  But I don't want to be lost anymore.  

6.17.31pm Dec 30th Sq

This series has been a long time in the making, in many ways it has been a tagline of my personal life for the past 12years.  I first began the images over 18 months ago yet hestitated to put a title or story behind them; mainly because i wasn't sure what story to write.  But as I evolved, the images evolved, and eventually the story began to write itself.  

The story is one like many others; but the images behind them are unique and personal.  Expression of a Lost Mind is a series that focuses on the how the mind visually sees the world around it when it is an altered state - whether that state is altered due to stress, anxiety, depression, frustration, or chemically.