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Series Preview | Silent Scream Project

 Erica, 2015

Erica, 2015

There often comes a time where you need to take a step back and examine some things within yourself.  In 2013 that time came for me.  I felt stressed out and alone, still in mourning over the loss of my brother 8 years earlier - and hurt that we didn't talk about him anymore.  I couldn't take it and needed an outlet.  Some people turn to drugs or alcohol, while others spend thousands in therapy.  I turned to photography.  My story is not unique, so surely I couldn't be the only one to feel like this?  If other people feel this way, why don't they talk about it?  If we are all struggling with different versions of the same emotions why can't we face them together?  If we could talk about it then maybe together we can move forward.  So i did what I thought was the best thing - I asked people if i could photograph them screaming.  It sounds crazy, and may even look a little crazy; but for a brief moment that scream allows you to be free.  Free to face the emotions that you have kept hidden, and just for a moment be vulnerable and let someone in.  

With each person I photographed I learned something more about myself.  I learned that I was not alone.  I learned that at some point for some reason we all feel the same way.  So the deeper I immersed myself into the project I realized that we can all move forward together.  My vision in these images are not to show the pain, stress, or the grief; but instead to show the hope.  At that moment of the scream we all have one thing in common - we are here.  We are alive and able to embrace the change in order to move forward.  We can shutter our emotions away and choose to hide, or we can embrace our own vulnerability and let others in and begin to move forward.  Every person has a story, every story has an emotion, every emotion is beautiful.

My goal with this project is to start a conversation.  I want people to view the images and reflect on their own Silent Scream.  I want people to see the struggles that they face, and then see that there is a way to face that struggle and move forward.  The first step in solving a problem is recognizing that it exists.  That moment of the scream is the recognition - it was my recognition.  I want this project to be a living thing, so if you have taken the time to read about it or view the images - take a moment and reflect and then spread the word.  Together through our emotions we connect, and when we connect we move forward.   Follow along this crazy journey with #SilentScreamProject and remember.... you are still here, never take that for granted.